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posted on 2023-05-25, 17:45 authored by Gaurav Bajpai, Samuel Safran

(a) Late time snapshots (t = 106τ time steps) of simulated, unconfined single chains for persistence lengths of lp = 1 and lp = 5 beads as a function of the LJ interaction strength, ϵ. The chain is colored from blue to red along its length to exhibit the mixing of different segments of the chain. The radius of gyration as a function of LJ attraction strength for the persistence length (b) lp = 1 beads and (c) lp = 5 beads. Simulated results are compared with the scaling law of the radius of gyration (RgMν). (d) Contact probability scaling exponent as a function of ϵ for lp = 1 bead (gray color) and lp = 5 bead (black color). Mean-square displacement (MSD) of a bead (averaged over all the beads of the chain) is calculated for the persistence length (e) lp = 1 bead and (f) lp = 5 beads. In both figures (e) and (f), the MSD fit to τ1/2 (black dotted line) for ϵ = 0 and 0.25 and fit to τ1/4 (red dotted line) for ϵ = 0.5, 0.75, 1.