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FMDV-AWH-W2 interaction residues.

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posted on 2023-11-20, 18:46 authored by Kun Li, Yong He, Li Wang, Pinghua Li, Huifang Bao, Shulun Huang, Shasha Zhou, Guoqiang Zhu, Yali Song, Ying Li, Sheng Wang, Qianliang Zhang, Pu Sun, Xingwen Bai, Zhixun Zhao, Zhiyong Lou, Yimei Cao, Zengjun Lu, Zaixin Liu

Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) serotype A is antigenically most variable within serotypes. The structures of conserved and variable antigenic sites were not well resolved. Here, a historical A/AF72 strain from A22 lineage and a latest A/GDMM/2013 strain from G2 genotype of Sea97 lineage were respectively used as bait antigen to screen single B cell antibodies from bovine sequentially vaccinated with A/WH/CHA/09 (G1 genotype of Sea97 lineage), A/GDMM/2013 and A/AF72 antigens. Total of 39 strain-specific and 5 broad neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) were isolated and characterized. Two conserved antigenic sites were revealed by the Cryo-EM structures of FMDV serotype A with two bnAbs W2 and W125. The contact sites with both VH and VL of W125 were closely around icosahedral threefold axis and covered the B-C, E-F, and H-I loops on VP2 and the B-B knob and H-I loop on VP3; while contact sites with only VH of W2 concentrated on B-B knob, B-C and E-F loops on VP3 scattering around the three-fold axis of viral particle. Additional highly conserved epitopes also involved key residues of VP158, VP1147 and both VP272 / VP1147 as determined respectively by bnAb W153, W145 and W151-resistant mutants. Furthermore, the epitopes recognized by 20 strain-specific neutralization antibodies involved the key residues located on VP3 68 for A/AF72 (11/20) and VP3 175 position for A/GDMM/2013 (9/19), respectively, which revealed antigenic variation between different strains of serotype A. Analysis of antibody-driven variations on capsid of two virus strains showed a relatively stable VP2 and more variable VP3 and VP1. This study provided important information on conserve and variable antigen structures to design broad-spectrum molecular vaccine against FMDV serotype A.