Proximal Displacement of Nephron Segment Boundaries and Convolution of the Proximal Nephron

(A and B) nbc1 in situ hybridization at 24 hpf (A) and at 72 hpf (B).

(C and D) trpM7 in situ staining at 24 hpf (C, yolk is stripped) and at 72 hpf (D).

(E and F) ret:GFP-positive domain in live zebrafish at 30 hpf (E) and at 6 dpf (F).

In (A–F), brackets show the pronephric nbc1-, trpM7-, and ret-positive segments.

(G and H) Immunofluorescence staining for alpha1A4 subunit of the NaK ATPase at 24 hpf (G) and at 72 hpf (H).