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Modulation in plasma membrane-associated Fpn1 controls the intracellular growth of L. amazonensis.

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posted on 30.01.2014, 02:50 by Rym Ben-Othman, Andrew R. Flannery, Danilo C. Miguel, Diane M. Ward, Jerry Kaplan, Norma W. Andrews

BMDM mock-transfected or transfected with wild type Fpn1-GFP, dominant-negative Fpn1(H32R)-GFP and hepcidin-resistant Fpn1(N144H) were infected with L. amazonensis for 1 h, washed and incubated at 34°C for 1, 24 or 48 h, followed by fixation, staining with DAPI and microscopic quantification of intracellular parasites. The values represent the mean +/− SD of triplicates, and the results are representative of 3 independent experiments. (*) p<0.05; (**) p<0.01; (***) p<0.001 (unpaired Student's t test).


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