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The VZV ORF20 RHIM is not involved in TNF-induced necroptosis.

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posted on 10.07.2020, 17:39 by Megan Steain, Max O. D. G. Baker, Chi L. L. Pham, Nirukshan Shanmugam, Yann Gambin, Emma Sierecki, Brian P. McSharry, Selmir Avdic, Barry Slobedman, Margaret Sunde, Allison Abendroth

(A) Viability of mock, VZV and VZV RHIM mutated (VZV-RHIMmut) virus infected HT-29s (72 h post-infection) following treatments with TNF (T; 30 ng/ml), BV-6 (S; 1 μM), z-VAD-fmk (V; 25 μM) and necrostatin-1 (Nec1; 30 μM) alone or in combination as indicated. Data was normalised to DMSO only control. Error bars show standard error of the mean, from 4 independent replicates and statistical significance was determined using a two-way ANOVA.