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Serum levels of estradiol and progesterone.

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posted on 2023-08-07, 17:32 authored by Michelle R. Koenig, Ann M. Mitzey, Xiankun Zeng, Leticia Reyes, Heather A. Simmons, Terry K. Morgan, Ellie K. Bohm, Julia C. Pritchard, Jenna A. Schmidt, Emily Ren, Fernanda B. Leyva Jaimes, Eva Winston, Puja Basu, Andrea M. Weiler, Thomas C. Friedrich, Matthew T. Aliota, Emma L. Mohr, Thaddeus G. Golos

(A)(C)(E)(G) Mean serum levels of estradiol (A)(E) and progesterone (C)(G). Red dots represent mean values for ZIKV-infected dams, black dots represent mean values for mock-infected dams. Ticks represent the range of values for each group. (A)(C) represent the values 0–7 dpi for all eight ZIKV-infected dams from cohort 1 and all eight mock-infected dams. (E)(G) show the values for only the four dams from the 14 dpi group in cohort 1 and their respective controls (n = 4) for serum hormone levels 0–14 dpi. (B)(D)(F)(H) Calculated area under the curve for respective serum hormone levels. Area under the curve of the ZIKV-infected was compared to the mock-infected using Welch’s t-test. There were no significant differences between groups (ns). (B)(D) ZIKV-infected dams (n = 8) are compared to mock-infected dams (n = 7). One dam had two pregnancies randomly assigned to the 7 dpi mock group. Therefore, an average value between her two pregnancies was used in (B) and (C); thus only seven data points are used for the mock-infected dams. (A)(E) Limit of quantification for the serum estradiol assay was 25 pg/mL and is represented by the dashed line. (C)(G) Limit of quantification for the serum progesterone assay was 0.2 ng/mL and is represented by the dashed line.