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Sequence alignment of VP1 of representative FMDV serotype A strains in ASIA, EURO-SA and AFRICA topotypes.

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posted on 2023-11-20, 18:46 authored by Kun Li, Yong He, Li Wang, Pinghua Li, Huifang Bao, Shulun Huang, Shasha Zhou, Guoqiang Zhu, Yali Song, Ying Li, Sheng Wang, Qianliang Zhang, Pu Sun, Xingwen Bai, Zhixun Zhao, Zhiyong Lou, Yimei Cao, Zengjun Lu, Zaixin Liu

The VP1 amino acids sequences of A/AF72, A/WH/CHA/09 and A/GDMM/2013 strains (marked with diamond) were aligned with that of 48 serotype A strains retrieved from NCBI, including sevens lineages from ASIA topotype, four lineages from EURO-SA topotype and four lineages from AFRICA topotype. The identified key determinations at positions 58 and 147 were circled with blue box and the strains with varied residues involving determinations were indicated with red circle.