Expression of flg22-inducible genes as well as growth of the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae are not affected in A. thaliana SNUPO mutants.

(a) Expression of FRK1 and ERF1 relative to the housekeeping genes TIP41-like and PP2A in mock-treated samples (black circles) or in flg22-treated samples (empty circles) was determined in three biological replicates for each genotype by qRT-PCR. The fls2 mutant served as negative control. Stars indicate significant differences to Col-0 (Dunnett’s Test with Bonferroni correction; *, p < 0.01; **, p < 0.001). (b) Bacterial density of Pto DC3000 or Pto DC3000 ΔAvrPto/PtoB on A. thaliana wild-type (Col-0) or the indicated mutants was determined as colony forming units per cm2 2 dpi. Data represent means ± s.d. of six replicate measurements/genotype/data point. Results from one representative of at least four independent experiments are shown.