Epigenetic regulation of cell fate reprogramming in aging and disease: A predictive computational model - Fig 4

Plot (a) shows a 3D plot, where the x-axis represents eHDM, y-axis represents eHDAC and the z-axis represents the steady state value of positive marks, q3. Depending on the q3 value, the system can be open (high value of q3), closed (low value of q3) or bistable (region where the two states coexist, together with an unstable state). Plot (b) represents a projection of the plot shown in (a) on the xy-plane. In this plot, we can again identify the three regions: closed (left region), bistable (middle region) and open (right region). These regions can be easily understood by matching the color of each region to the ones shown in Plot (a), which, in turn, can be related to levels of q3.