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Cryo-EM analysis of FMDV-AWH-W2 complex (A) and FMDV-AWH-W125 complex (B).

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posted on 2023-11-20, 18:46 authored by Kun Li, Yong He, Li Wang, Pinghua Li, Huifang Bao, Shulun Huang, Shasha Zhou, Guoqiang Zhu, Yali Song, Ying Li, Sheng Wang, Qianliang Zhang, Pu Sun, Xingwen Bai, Zhixun Zhao, Zhiyong Lou, Yimei Cao, Zengjun Lu, Zaixin Liu

Typical electron micrographs were collected with a defocus of 1.9 μm (FMDV-AWH-W2), 1.7 μm (FMDV-AWH-W125) (Scale bar, 1000 Å). Selected 2D class averages both show prominent spikes on the outer surface of viral particles (Scale bar, 480 Å). Fourier shell correlation (FSC) of the final 3D reconstruction after gold-standard refinement using RELION and THUNDER. The resolution corresponding to an FSC of 0.143 is shown for these virus-antibody complexes. FSC curves are plotted before (gray) and after (yellow) masking in addition to post-correction (orange), accounting for the effect of the mask using phase randomization.