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Comparison of plasma cytokine or chemokine levels found in the two groups of patients.

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posted on 23.10.2009, 02:41 by Pattamawan Chimma, Christian Roussilhon, Panudda Sratongno, Ronnatrai Ruangveerayuth, Kovit Pattanapanyasat, Jean-Louis Pérignon, David J. Roberts, Pierre Druilhe

The cytokine and chemokine concentrations in the serum of 13 Group 1 and 54 Group 2 patients were determined by flow cytometry (using CBA flex set®). All the available plasma samples were tested at the same time and the differences between concentrations were determined by non parametric 1 way median Tests between Group 1 or Group 2 patients. 10 control individuals (healthy malaria naïve individuals) were also tested and, as expected, cytokine or chemokine concentrations differed from those found in patients, Significance levels are indicated by star symbols as follows: * p<0.05, ** p<0.01 and *** p<0.001.