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Movie analysis reference table and Statistical analysis size and motion results.

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posted on 2021-02-22, 18:37 authored by Mark R. Winter, Miri Morgulis, Tsvia Gildor, Andrew R. Cohen, Smadar Ben-Tabou de-Leon

Spreadsheet 1: This table shows the names of all LLSM datasets analyzed in this work, as well as a note for each dataset that is included as a supplementary movie. Also noted in the table is the temporal resolution of the datasets, whether they were included in motion analysis (Δt~6.12 sec or less), and the number of ectoderm and skeletogenic mesoderm vesicles used in the size analysis (first-frame) and the motion analysis (total). Spreadsheets 2–7: These spreadsheets contain the statistical comparisons for each size and motion features measured from the vesicle tracks. Comparisons are run across experimental conditions (Control/VEGFR Inhibition) and embryo regions (Ectoderm/Skeletogenic Mesoderm). Each sheet in the dataset contains the comparison of a single measured feature (e.g., size, velocity, etc.) across conditions and regions. In the case of spicule-relative analysis, comparisons are run across groups of vesicles at different average distance from the spicule binned in 1μm groups. Spreadsheets 8–9: These sheets contain comparisons of cytoskeletal remodeling experiments under both experimental conditions (Control/VEGFR Inhibition) and in both embryo regions (Ectoderm/Skeletogenic Cells). For sheets 2–9, the Kruskal-Wallis test is used to establish differences in centrality between groups, followed by a post-hoc Dunn-Sidak test to establish pairwise differences. A brief description of the comparison is included at the bottom of each sheet. Spreadsheet 10: This sheet contains a comparison of average vesicle speed and vesicle diffusion coefficient to vesicle size, the comparison shows minimal correlation between size and velocity or diffusion suggesting that vesicle motion is independent of its size (possibly an active diffusion mode). Spreadsheet 11: Shows a detailed table of the microscope parameters used during imaging per dataset.