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Data summary.

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posted on 2023-09-18, 17:31 authored by Bayarbaatar Amgalan, Chi-Ping Day, Teresa M. Przytycka

DE genes (tumor genes): differentially expressed genes selected based on T-test q-value < 0.01; Non-DE Genes: genes whose expressions are not differentiated between control and tumor samples; DE PCs: principal components which are differentiated between control and tumor samples representing potential impacts of Non-DE Genes (T-test q-value) on the transition mapping; TranNet: Pairs of Nodes in the Transition Network (DE Genes + DE PCs); Patients: Patients control and tumor samples are available (Clinical cohorts of the patients are summarized in Table B in S1 File); HN Genes: genes in both DE Genes and HumanNet-FN; HN Edges: Edges within HN Genes in the functional network.