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The C-terminal region of selected Fv1 proteins.

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posted on 06.03.2014 by Melvyn W. Yap, Emily Colbeck, Scott A. Ellis, Jonathan P. Stoye

Nucleic acid and predicted amino acids found at the C-terminus of selected Fv1 genes. The twelve nucleotides shown in purple for Fv1n are found 1.3 kb downstream in Fv1b[18]. Sequences shown in blue (FAM, MIN) correspond to nucleotides 1–27 of the consensus B1 repeat [69]. The sequences in red (PTX) might also come from a rearranged B1 repeat as they correspond to nucleotides 30–44 and 56–65 of the consensus sequence. The nucleotide in orange corresponds to a unique point mutation found in Mus m. spretus resulting in a novel stop codon.