Heme-iron status influences disease severity of NTHI.

<p>Middle ear pressure was measured by tympanometry (mean ± S.D.) on each day following transbullar introduction of heme-iron replete (black squares) or restricted (gray circles) NTHI (<b>A</b>). Histopathology was assessed by examination of hematoxylin and eosin stained thin sections of naïve (<b>B</b>) or infected middle ear bullae 7 days following introduction of heme-iron replete (<b>C, D</b>) or restricted (<b>E, F</b>) NTHI. Scale bar = 25 µm (<b>B</b>), 50 µm (<b>F</b>), 100 µm (<b>C, D, E</b>). Abbreviations = Bone (B), mucosa (M), biofilm (Bio). Arrows denote capillaries.</p>



CC BY 4.0