Evolution of broadly neutralizing antibody responses in plasma from Protocol C participants.

(A-C) Plasma from HIV-1 infected participants collected at various time points post infection were assessed for neutralizing activity on a predictive 6v-panel [16]. Neutralization score on the 6v-panel was calculated as indicated in Material and Methods (A) Best neutralization score across all time points tested for Protocol C participants. (B) Fraction of Protocol C individuals with the indicated plasma neutralization score at the indicated visits. Neutralization score is color-coded as indicated in (A). (C) Detailed evolution of neutralization score over time (months) for individual Protocol C best neutralizers (N = 46), organized by time to reach neutralization score ≥ 1 in months post infection (MPI). NT: Not Tested. ART: Participants was on Anti-Retroviral Therapy at this visit, OFF: Participant was off-study at this visit.