Dynamic Reciprocity in Expression of Fucosylated and Sialylated Antigens in Gastric Mucosa during H. pylori Infection

<p>Le<sup>b</sup> expression in monkey 8PZ at pre-inoculation (A), 1 week post-inoculation (B), and 2 months post inoculation (C). Thus, gastric mucosal fucosylation was initially strong (A), decreased from 1 to 4 weeks post-inoculation (B), returned to basal level at 2 months (C), and stayed at basal level until 10 months (not shown). The figure also illustrates the expression of sialyl-Le<sup>a</sup> (D, E, and F) and sialyl-Le<sup>x</sup> (G, H, and I) in monkey 8PZ at pre-inoculation (D and G), 2 months (E and H), and 10 months post-inoculation (F and I). Thus, gastric mucosal sialylation increased during early infection (not shown), peaked at 2 months (E and H), and returned to pre-inoculation levels at 10 months post-inoculation (F and I).</p>