SLP vaccination elicits polyfunctional CD8+ T cells.

Following SLP vaccination or MCMV infection the cytokine polyfunctionality of splenic CD8+ T cells was determined after peptide restimulation. Representative plots show IFN-γ versus TNF production at (A) day 8 (acute phase) and (B) day 60 (memory phase) post booster vaccination and post MCMV infection. Pie charts depict the percentages of the single (IFN-γ), double (IFN-γ/TNF) and triple (IFN-γ/TNF/IL-2) cytokine producers of each antigen-specific T cell population upon peptide stimulation. Data represents mean values, and are representative of three independent experiments (n = 4–5 per group). Statistics of the results depicted in these pie charts are reported in S4 Fig.