Exploring the parameter space.

2018-08-13T17:24:35Z (GMT) by Silke Bergeler Erwin Frey

(A-F) Stochastic simulations show different qualitative behavior of the PomXY cluster trajectories when the model parameters are altered. We performed stochastic simulations using the parameter set given in S1 Table, with one of the parameters varied as indicated. In D, the diffusion constants of PomZ on the nucleoid and on the PomXY cluster are set to the same value. The result for the parameter set given in S1 Table is always shown in black for comparison purposes. The average cluster trajectories are shown as unbroken or dashed lines and the shaded regions indicate the region of ± one standard deviation. In the simulations, the initial position of the PomXY cluster is chosen such that the left edge of the cluster coincides with the left edge of the nucleoid (for more details see Materials and methods section). For the calculation of the mean and standard deviations the cluster positions are grouped into time intervals of 3.33 min. For each parameter set we simulated at least 100 trajectories.