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M-CSF-induced, splenocyte-derived adherent cells are CD11b-positive.

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posted on 23.06.2022, 20:05 authored by Yunyuan Li, Hatem Alnojeidi, Ruhangiz T. Kilani, Aziz Ghahary

Mouse splenocytes were cultured in a medium containing 5 ng/ml of M-CSF for 3 days and then suspended cells were removed by three time washing with PBS. Culture medium containing 5 ng/ml of M-CSF was changed daily. After 10 day culture, cells were examined by immunofluorescent staining and FACS analysis. (A) immunofluorescent staining with indicated antibody. DAPI (blue) was used as a nuclear counterstain. Scale bars in all images were 50 μm. (B). Adherent cells were harvested, fixed with fixation solution, stained with indicated antibody and analyzed by FACS.