lncRNA-ROR functionally interacted with miR-133.

2016-04-15T08:57:13Z (GMT) by Feng Jiang Xiangyu Zhou Jing Huang

(A) Sequence alignment analysis revealed the interaction site of miR-133 in rat lncRNA-ROR. In the mutated lncRNA-ROR, the interaction site was mutated. (B) The expression of miR-133, but not miR-208 was significantly increased after the transfection with ROR-specific siRNA. (C) RT-PCR showed that the expression of miR-133 was increased when it was overexpressed in Hela cells. NC represents negative control. (D) Luciferase activity in cells transfected with luciferase reporter plasmid containing wild type or mutated ROR with or without overexpression of miR-133. * p<0.05, ** p<0.01.