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Mixing of four chains in a large confinement volume (corresponding to a small volume fraction of beads, ϕ = 0.001) while varying bead-bead interactions, ϵ.

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posted on 2023-05-25, 17:45 authored by Gaurav Bajpai, Samuel Safran

(a) Simulation snapshots show the mixing of four chains mixing as a function of interaction strength, ϵ, for persistence lengths lp = 1 bead and lp = 5 beads. Note that some snapshots were zoomed out because they were too large and would take up too much space if they were shown at their actual size. (b) The radius of gyration as a function of ϵ for lp = 1 bead (gray color) and lp = 5 beads (black color). Note that the attraction strength at which collapse occurs for the one-bead persistence length is ϵc = 0.3, whereas for the 5-beads persistence length, ϵc = 0.4.