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fCO stimulus (elongation, shown in bottom row as light blue line) drives Levator or Depressor as observed in Hess and Büschges (1999).

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posted on 2023-01-24, 18:35 authored by Malte Schilling, Holk Cruse

Cycles driven by pilocarpine only are plotted for each joint on top of the fCO-driven results (same scale). The former are marked by the same colors but with filled rectangles. A) Sensory input, period: 3.6 s, B) Sensory input, period: 7.0 s. Abscissa: time (s), ordinate (mV). Dashed lines: simulation data for which no biological results are given. Gamma flexion corresponds to fCO apodeme elongation, fCOpos: position input to Levator-Depressor joint (gamma joint), light blue line indicates fCO apodeme position, fCO: (velocity) input to unit swing or unit stance (dark blue line).