miR-324-3p induced RelA promoter.

A miR-324-3p binding sits is present at nucleotides 45 to 66 upstream to RelA transcription start site (TSS) (A). Three bases (shown in bold) in the miR-324-3p binding site were mutated in the RelA promoter to create a mutant promoter vector (A). The RelA promoter vector showed significant dose-dependent induction when cotransfected with premiR-324-3p (B). The RelA mutant vector showed no induction by premiR-324-3p (B). Bars represent mean ± SD (n  =  4/group). Each assay was conducted in triplicate. *p<0.05 and **p<0.01 compared to the respective mutant group (Student’s t-test).




CC BY 4.0