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meis1.1 is down regulated in hoxd4a morphants and meis1.1 mRNA rescues hematopoietic and vasculogenic gene expression in hoxd4a morphants.

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posted on 16.03.2013, 07:37 by Aseervatham Anusha Amali, Lawrence Sie, Christoph Winkler, Mark Featherstone

Expression of meis1.1 in control (A), morphant (B) and hoxd4a-rescuant (C) embryos at 26–28 hpf. (D–I) At 13 hpf, normal expression of gata1, scl1 and fli1 (D–F) is reduced in hoxd4a morphants (G–I), but rescued upon co-injection with capped mRNA for meis1.1 (J–L). (M,N) Rescue of vascular patterning in hoxd4a morphants by co-injection with capped mRNA for meis1.1 as visualized in Tg(fli1:EGFP) transgenics at 48 hpf (M) and by alkaline phosphatase staining at 72 hpf (N). Scale bars equal 100 µm.