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Mcm5 is necessary but not sufficient for proFMRFa expression in Tv4 cells. Mcm7 mutants phenocopy Mcm5 mutants.

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posted on 23.06.2022, 20:05 authored by Irene Rubio-Ferrera, Pablo Baladrón-de-Juan, Luis Clarembaux-Badell, Marta Truchado-Garcia, Sheila Jordán-Álvarez, Stefan Thor, Jonathan Benito-Sipos, Ignacio Monedero Cobeta

(A-C) Schematic representation of Drosophila embryo Nervous System (A), with detailed position of the Ap cluster within the VNC (B) and some of the most representative expressed markers which identifies each Tv neuron within the Ap Cluster (C). (D-F) Immunostaining for proFMRFa in Control (D), Mcm5 mutant (E), Mcm5 misexpression (F), at stage 18 AEL (Scale bar 20μm). (E) Quantification of proFMRFa expressing cells within the Ap cluster in Control, Mcm5 mutant and Mcm5 misexpression. (G-H) Quantification of proFMRFa expressing cells within the thoracic and second suboesophageal segment (SE2) in control, Mcm5 mutant and Mcm5 misexpression (U-Mann-Whitney test; n≥10 CNS per genotype; *** = p<0,001). (I-J) Immunostaining for Nplp1 in Control (G) and Mcm5 mutant (H), at stage 18h AEL. Genotypes: (A, G, I) Oregon-R, w1118. (B, H, J) Mcm5exc222/Mcm5exc222 (C) prospero-Gal4/UAS-Mcm5.