XB130 controls cell cycle progression of cancer cells.

(A and B) Down-regulation of XB130 inhibited G1-S phase progression in WRO and A549 cells. Cells transfected with control or XB130 siRNA were stained with PI and analyzed by flow cytometry. Mean ± SEM. n = 6. *p<0.05 (compared with control siRNA). (C) Reduced Ki67 and PCNA levels in XB130 siRNA treated WRO and A549 cells, as determined by western blotting. n = 3. *p<0.05 (compared with control siRNA treated group). (D) Presence of RET/PTC rearrangement was confirmed in both TPC-1 and WRO cells using RT-PCR. A549 cells do not contain RET/PTC rearrangement.



CC BY 4.0