Vegetation and weathering indicators from drill core MAL05-2A.YD, Younger Dryas. H1, Heinrich event 1.

(A) pollen percentages of Poaceae and (B) arboreal vegetation types (afromontane forest, tropical seasonal forest, miombo woodland), (C) XRD clay mineral percentages of smectite, kaolinite, and illite+chlorite, ratio of kaolinite to smectite (K/S), (D) ratio of silt to clay (silt/clay), and (E) terrigenous mass accumulation rate, and (F) δ18O from diatoms and TEX-86 temperature from piston cores M98-1P and M98-2PG from the northern basin of Lake Malawi from Barker et al. (2007) and Powers (2005), respectively.