VeA-63 kDa and VeA-72 kDa protein levels in wild type and in laeAΔ fungal strains.

(A) The VeA protein levels in wild type (wt) and laeAΔ strains during development (vegetative 14, 24, 36 h in submerged culture, asexual 12, 24 h on plates in the light, sexual 12, 24, and 48 h on plates in the dark at 37°C) by using α-VeA antibodies; α-actin served as internal control. 80 µg total protein was loaded in each lane. (B) The N-terminally truncated VeA1 protein levels in wt and laeAΔ strains. (C) Silver stained 10% SDS- polyacrylamid gel of VeA::cTAP and identified proteins in laeAΔ strain grown in the light and dark (Table S6). (D) SDS-polyacrylamide (10%) gel electrophoresis of VelB::cTAP and associated proteins (in laeAΔ veA+ strain) stained with brilliant blue G (Table S7). (E) BIFC interactions of N-EYFP::VeA and C-EYFP::VelB in laeAΔ fungal cells in light or dark. Nuclei were co-stained by DAPI.