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Values for flow path length and width to give a calculated AMOC flow of 17 Sv and oscillation period of 65 years.

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posted on 18.06.2014, 03:58 by Bruce E. Kurtz

Mixed layer and intermediate water temperatures (TML and TIW) are set at 28 and 10°C. Mixed layer depth (ZML) varies from 60 to 140 m and depth to the bottom of the thermocline (ZH) is set at 300, 350, and 400 m (blue, red and black lines). Dashed lines are flow path length (LF); solid lines are flow path width (WF). Increasing mixed layer depth corresponds to increasing flow path length combined with decreasing flow path width to give a calculated AMOC flow (Ψ) and oscillation period (T-) of 17 Sv and 65 years. There is no practical way of accurately determining actual values for either flow path length or width, but the values shown are reasonably consistent with distances between the North Atlantic SST isotherms corresponding to the mixed layer and intermediate water temperatures, and with ocean widths.