Upregulation of miR-30a-5p resulted in promotion of glioblastoma cell growth that was reversed partially by Ad-S7.

(A) The figure showed that 30a-5p m increased the cell survival rate at a significantly higher rate in SNB19 cells and LN229 cells, (B) accelerated the glioma cells from G0/G1 to S phase in SNB19 cells and LN229 cells, (C) decreased the apoptotic cells in the 30a-5p m group, (D) promoted the cell invasive ability. And Ad-S7 inhibited cell proliferation(A), arrested the cell cycle in the G0/G1 phase(B), induced cell apoptosis(C) and suppressed the cell invasive ability(D). While the results of 30a-5p m+Ad-S7 group showed that 30a-5p m promoted the glioma cell growth that was partially reversed by overexpression of SEPT7.