Two-locus comparison between ME2 and GOT2 from the cross of ABf x SDm.

2011-06-22T00:49:41Z (GMT) by Christopher S. Willett

The relative contributions for the two-locus genotypic class combinations at ME2 and GOT2 to deviations from independence for F2 adult hybrids from the AB and SD populations of T. californicus are shown. The bars indicate the χ2 deviation contributed by each two-locus genotypic class for each of two temperature environments. A positive value indicates that more individuals in that class were observed than expected while a negative value indicates that less were observed than expected. The expected distributions under two different models of three-locus DM incompatibilities can be seen in Figure 6 with other two-locus models explored in Willett [42].




CC BY 4.0