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Transcriptional importance of STATs, IRF-1, and IRF-7 as supported by cross-signature and cross-module comparisons.

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posted on 04.06.2012, 02:32 by Kang Wu, Dandan Dong, Hai Fang, Florence Levillain, Wen Jin, Jian Mei, Brigitte Gicquel, Yanzhi Du, Kankan Wang, Qian Gao, Olivier Neyrolles, Ji Zhang

(A) qRT-PCR validation of IFNB1 induction. Data were from samples as in Figure 4. ** for P-value<0.01. (B) Gene overlap of the THP1r2Mtb-induced signature and an active pulmonary TB (PTB) signature [13]. (C) Regulatory/TFBS enrichment analysis in promoter regions of the active PTB signature in the form of PWM. (D) Gene overlap analysis of predefined modules and the THP1r2Mtb-induced signature. Only those modules with more than 10% of genes (represented by the proportion of black area in the pie) presented in the THP1r2Mtb-induced signature were displayed. Functional interpretations of modules through literature profiling [15] were indicated at lower panel. (E) Regulatory/TFBS enrichment analysis of module M3.1.