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The reduction in CHIKV copies/ml serum after injection with siRNA Chik-1 and Chik-5 in Swiss albino mice infected with CHIKV.

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posted on 05.09.2013, 03:44 by Deepti Parashar, Mandar S. Paingankar, Satyendra Kumar, Mangesh D. Gokhale, A. B. Sudeep, Sapana B. Shinde, V. A. Arankalle

Swiss albino mice were infected with CHIKV i.v. (1×106 PFU CHKV; 100 µl of 107pfu/ml). After 72 h of p.i. mice were inoculated i.v. with A) ncsiRNA 1 mg/kg body weight B) 1 mg/kg body weight Chik-1 (n = 3), C) 1 mg/kg body weight Chik-5 (n = 3) and D) Comb-siRNA (n = 3) 1 mg/kg body weight each. At indicated time after injection of siRNA blood was collected from eye and RNA was isolated from serum. CHIKV E3 RNA was quantitated using real time RT-PCR. Values are given as LOG10 RNA copies/ml serum. Significance ANOVA, Dunnett's test: *p<0.05; **p<0.01.