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The recruitment of B lymphocytes, dendritic cells and NK cells in liver is induced by MFD and increased by parasite infection.

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posted on 2015-02-10, 03:00 authored by Luisina I. Onofrio, Alfredo R. Arocena, Augusto F. Paroli, María E. Cabalén, Marta C. Andrada, Roxana C. Cano, Susana Gea

IHLs from different groups of mice were stained with anti-CD19, anti-CD11c, anti-CD3, anti-NK1.1, anti-CD107 and anti-IFNγ. (A) The absolute numbers of CD19+, (B) the absolute number of CD11chi in liver and (C) the absolute number of NK and NKT cells are indicated. (D) Percentage of CD3- NK1.1+ CD107a+ cells. IHLs from all groups were cultured in the presence of PMA plus ionomycin and monensin for 5 h and stained with corresponding antibodies. Data are shown as mean ± SEM of more than 4 mice per group from one experiment representative of three performed.