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The TB10.4 CD4 and CD8 T cells epitopes that are recognized by CB6F1 mice (BALB/c×C57BL/6).

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posted on 21.02.2013, 05:37 by Truc Thi Kim Thanh Hoang, Anneline Nansen, Sugata Roy, Rolf Billeskov, Claus Aagaard, Tara Elvang, Jes Dietrich, Peter Andersen

(A) the amino acid sequence of the TB10.4 protein with the CD4 and CD8 T cell epitopes underlined. (B) Lung lymphocytes from mice infected at week six after aerosol infection were stimulated in vitro with either the TB10.4 3–11 (QIMYNYPAM) or the TB10.4 74–88 (THEANTMAMMARDT) for 6 hours before being assessed for IFN-γ production by flow cytometry. A gating sequence was applied to the data to determine the frequencies of IFN-γ positive CD4 and CD8 T cells. The rationale for the FSC-H vs. FSC-A gating is to capture only singlet particles and eliminate doublets that may occur as a result of e.g. cells sticking together.