Tec1 regulates pheromone-induced biofilm genes.

(A) Adhesion by white cells of TEC1 overexpressors generated in P37005, ste2/ste2, ste4/ste4, cek1/cek1 cek2/cek2, and tec1/tec1 in different combinations of α-pheromone (α-ph) and doxycycline (Dox). (B) Northern analysis of gene expression upon overexpression of TEC1 in strain P37005-TETp-TEC1. (C) Northern analysis of TEC1 expression when the target genes CSH1, PBR1, or WH11 are overexpressed in strains P37005-TETp-CSH1, P37005-TETp-PBR1, and P37005-TETp-WH11, respectively. (D) Northern analysis of TEC1 expression in the target gene deletion mutants csh1/csh1, pbr1/pbr1, and wh11/wh11 and the receptor deletion mutant ste2/ste2.