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Surface activity of latherin.

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posted on 29.05.2009, 01:53 by Rhona E. McDonald, Rachel I. Fleming, John G. Beeley, Douglas L. Bovell, Jian R. Lu, Xiubo Zhao, Alan Cooper, Malcolm W. Kennedy

(A) 20 µl drops of water or solutions containing different concentrations of recombinant latherin on a waxy surface (®Nescofilm). (B) The surface tension of solutions containing either chicken egg lysozyme, bovine serum albumin (BSA) or recombinant latherin at the concentrations indicated, measured using the de Nuoy ring method. The fitted lines are for guidance only. (C) Neutron reflectivity profiles for 0.5 mg ml−1 latherin dissolved in D2O (□) or non-reflective water (Δ), pH 7, respectively. The solid lines are the theoretical fits to a single-layer model for adsorption of latherin at the air-water interface with parameters given in Table 2.


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