Serum IL-8 levels in healthy controls and patients with chronic liver disease.

(A) Serum IL-8 levels are significantly increased in patients compared to healthy controls. (B) Cirrhotic patients show higher IL-8 serum levels than non-cirrhotics. (C) Dissecting the various stages of CLD revealed that IL-8 levels are highest in end-stage liver disease. (D) Patients with underlying alcoholic and biliary/autoimmune liver diseases showed higher IL-8 serum concentrations than viral hepatitis or other causes of CLD. (E) To normalize for the stage of cirrhosis, IL-8 serum levels were divided by the Child-Pugh score points. Elevated IL-8 in cholestatic and alcoholic liver diseases remained significant. CLD, chronic liver disease; AIH, autoimmune hepatitis.



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