SNF5 is recruited to OCT4-activated and -repressed genes with distinctive chromatin landscape during differentiation.

(A–E) Chromatin from NCCIT cells was immunoprecipitated with anti-OCT4 (A), anti-EZH2 (B), anti-SNF5 (C), anti-BRM (D), anti-BRG1 (E) or anti-H3 antibodies and their binding at the DNA regulatory regions of OCT4 target genes were analyzed by quantitative PCR. Quantitative PCR data represent the average of three biological experiments (the mean +SEM). A Mann-Whitney test was performed and the increase in recruitment of SNF5, BRM and BRG1 at OCT4 target genes during differentiation as found to be statistically significant with p-values of 0.013 (SNF5), 0.012 (BRM) and 0.029 (BRG1). (F) The protein level of EZH2, SNF5, BRG1, BRM and loading control ACTIN were subsequently analyzed by western blot. The data is representative of three biological experiments.