RpoE activity is negatively affected in strains 2.4.1ΔRSP_3242 and 2.4.1ΔRSP_2710.

β-galactosidase activity of the R. sphaeroides wild type 2.4.1 and strains 2.4.1ΔRSP_1096/1097, 2.4.1ΔRSP_3242, 2.4.1ΔRSP_2710 and TF18 harboring the reporter plasmid pPHUphrAlacZ. Cells were grown aerobically in the dark to an OD660nm of 0.4 and were exposed to high light (800 W m-2) and 50 nM methylene blue (A) or to 360 µM tBOOH (B). The data represent the mean of three independent experiments. Error bars indicate the standard deviation.



CC BY 4.0