Real-time RT-PCR validation for selected probe sets.

Twelve genes were selected for real-time RT-PCR to validate the expression patterns of Ubi::OsSPX1-antisense transgenic lines (A1 and A2) and WT rice (Ni) seedlings under control condition and cold treatment. These genes are: LOC_Os05g48390 - OsPHO2, ubiquitin conjugating enzyme; LOC_Os10g38600 - glutathione S-transferase GSTU6; LOC_Os10g38540 - glutathione S-transferase GSTU6; LOC_Os10g38350 - glutathione S-transferase GSTU6; LOC_Os01g72150 - glutathione S-transferase; LOC_Os01g72140 - glutathione S-transferase; LOC_Os01g43774 - cytochrome P450 CYP72A23; LOC_Os07g23570 - cytochrome P450 CYP709C9; LOC_Os09g25070 - OsWRKY62; LOC_Os02g08440 - OsWRKY71; LOC_Os06g37300 - ent-kaurene oxidase; LOC_Os11g47500 - xylanase inhibitor protein 1 precursor. The error bars of real-time RT-PCR results represent the standard error from three independent biological replicates.




CC BY 4.0