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Raising tau isoform-specific antibodies.

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posted on 30.12.2013, 02:46 by Chang Liu, Jürgen Götz

(A) Schematic representation of the exon structure of the MAPT locus that encodes murine tau. Alternative splicing of exons 2, 3, and 10 generates the three isoforms 0N4R, 1N4R, and 2N4R that are present in the adult murine brain. The scheme shows the location of the epitopes that were used to raise specific antibodies for 0N, 1N and 2N murine tau, as well as for total murine tau (M), without cross-reactivity with human tau. (B) Western blot analysis of RAB-soluble tau extracts obtained from brains of 2-months old wild-type (WT) mice, with stripes probed separately with Tau5, M (total mouse tau) and the murine tau isoform-specific antibodies 01, 2N, and 2N reveals their specificity. Tau knock-out (KO) tissue was included as negative control.