Progressive decrease in the erythrocytes sCLU levels during ex vivo cellular senescence.

Representative sCLU immunoblot (A1) and densitometric analysis (A2) of membrane (A1, upper panels) and cytosol (A1, lower panels) preparations derived from leukoreduced RBCs units (N = 4) stored for the indicated duration in SAGM solution. (B) Comparative densitometric analysis of immunoblots (not shown) of sCLU relative membrane levels in RBCs stored either in SAGM (N = 4; max 42 days of storage) or autologous plasma (Au-Pl) (N = 3; max 35 days of storage). Probing with anti-4.1R and anti-peroxiredoxin-2 (Prx2) was used as a protein loading reference. Shown densitometric data (mean values of at least two independent experiments) indicate relative proportion against a loading reference followed by normalization against the samples stored for a short period (e.g. 4 days); error bars indicate ± standard deviation. Asterisks and dots indicate difference of each day of storage vs. day 4 and SAGM vs. Au-Pl respectively, at significance level of p<0.05.