Predictive model of the molecular interaction between ERK1/2 and StAR.

The reconstruction of molecular interaction of ERK2 and StAR was performed using PyMOL (DeLano Scientific, USA; ERK2 (Protein Data Bank code 2GPH) is represented in blue and StAR (START domain in StartD4 from Mus musculus) in green. In this model, StAR is located in the docking groove of ERK2. The active center of ERK2 is in dark red. The CD domain of ERK2, represented in yellow, includes Asp316 and Asp319 in contact with the D domain of StAR. Lys174 and Lys176, corresponding to Lys235 and Lys237 of StAR sequence in Mus musculus are represented in orange, and Ser171, corresponding to Ser232 of murine StAR, in dark pink.