Platelet PI3Kγ contributes to activated platelets induced intima-media thickening after partial ligation.

(A) Representative Verhoeff’s elastic stained cross sections (level 3) of left common carotid arteries from WT mice treated with PBS (Vehicle), WT platelets (WT plts), or PI3Kγ-/- platelets (PI3Kγ-/- plts) (n = 5 per group) at 21 d after partial ligation. (B) Schematic diagram of partial ligation and tissue microtomy. Intima+ media areas (C) were measured at seven section levels (200μm intervals), and their mean values were determined. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM. * P<0.05 versus vehicle, # P<0.05 versus WT platelet-infused mouse. Light microscope magnification is 10×.