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Phenotypic characterization of TREM2+ microglia in subventricular zone.

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posted on 19.08.2013, 03:42 by Mariela Chertoff, Kalpana Shrivastava, Berta Gonzalez, Laia Acarin, Lydia Giménez-Llort

TREM2 co-expression with: CD206 (A–B), CD16/32 (C–D), CD86 (E–F) and MHCII (G–H) was studied at P1 (A, C, E and G) and P7 (B, D, F and H). Insets beside each figure represent separated channels: CD206, CD16/32, CD86 and MHCII in red, TREM2 in green and Iba1 in blue. SVZ: subventricular zone. Triple colocalization can be seen in purple. Scale bar for A and B = 50 µm; scale bar for C–H = 20 µm.