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Myocytes in remote myocardium are hypertrophy and loss after infarction.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 14:39 by Jun Xie, Wen Lu, Rong Gu, Qin Dai, Bin Zong, Lin Ling, Biao Xu

A to D, Representative tissue slide from remote myocardium with HE in sham (A), one week (B), four weeks (C) and eight weeks group (D); E, Accumulated results show myocytes size significantly increases four wks and eight wks post MI; F, Accumulated results show ANF, which is the hypertrophic factor, is up-regulated after MI. G, Accumulated results show myofilament density is significantly decreased eight weeks post MI (n = 4). # P<0.05 compared by group of 8 wks post MI. * P<0.05 compared by sham group.