Morpholino knockdown of TTP causes severe malformations.

A. MO targeting schematic using a graphic representation of the ttpa transcript. The translational blocking morpholino (TRN) is complementary to the translation start-site, while the splice blocking morpholinos (EXC) bind to the intron/exon junctions on each side of the second exon. Arrows mark primers used to verify aberrant mRNA products resulting from the EXC morpholino (Figure S2). Numbered boxes represent exons, and spanning lines are introns, smaller unnumbered boxes are untranslated regions. B. TTP knockdown leads to high incidence of malformation within the first day of development. Data shown as mean percent incidence from seven (TRN, CTR and NON) or three separate experiments (EXC). C. Representative pictures of malformations at 1 dpf due to TTP knockdown. TRN = translational morpholino injected embryo, CTR = standard control injected embryo, concentration and age-matched to the TRN embryo.




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