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MAA-peptide mimotopes are recognized by CLL69C rAb.

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posted on 2013-06-20, 02:06 authored by Xuchu Que, George F. Widhopf II, Shahzada Amir, Karsten Hartvigsen, Lotte F. Hansen, Douglas Woelkers, Sotirios Tsimikas, Christoph J. Binder, Thomas J. Kipps, Joseph L. Witztum

(A) Amino acid compositions of MAA-mimotopes P1 and P2 as recently reported [20]. (B) Chemiluminescent ELISA for the binding of increasing concentrations CLL69C rAb to peptide mimotopes P1 and P2, MAA-BSA, or an irrelevant control peptide (pep-ctrl). Data are expressed as RLU/100 msec, and are from three independent experiments (mean ± SD), each value determined in triplicate. (C) Competition immunoassay demonstrates specificity of the CLL69C rAb to mimotope peptide P1. A fixed and limiting concentration of CLL69C Ab was incubated in the absence or presence of increasing concentrations of indicated competitors, and extent of binding to P1-coated plates was determined and expressed as B/B0 from triplicate determinations (mean ± SD) as explained in legend to Fig. 1B.